Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Lodge at Mountain Village – Park City, UT

I spent a four day weekend in Park City, Utah for a blogging conference. I had an amazing weekend (which is another post all in itself). I had won a coupon for $100 off a few weeks prior to my sudden plans for the EVO conference and it just so happened they had last minute deals in Park City. I skimmed for something cheap, yet comfortable, because I was traveling solo and knew I wouldn’t be in my room much with all the activities I was participating in.  Little did I know this would be going from good to bad!

Before I go into the details of my stay, I will say that Park City, Utah is known as a ski destination, while summertime is statistically slower and a GREAT time for all of you to get a good deal on a hotel.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a very nice man at the front desk. He quickly checked me in and drew me a map to my room. I’ll admit I sometimes have those “I know it all” moments and was only partially paying attention. I figured “how hard can it be to find a room”? We’ll a half an hour later I think I finally found it. Even one woman saw me roaming around and said she had the same problem the day before and still couldn’t help me find my building.

The Lodge is two separate buildings scattered in the village at the base of the mountain. My room was clean, a little small, but had a nice little patio with a mountain view. I felt like I was in Whistler, Canada, which is one of my favorite destinations. There was only enough room for two people, which was all I needed; a TV, small fridge and a dresser. I was pleased with the room and headed out to the conference for the evening. My days were spent at a Grand Hotel down the road called “The Canyons”. Most everyone at the conference was sharing a room at this 5 star resort. I didn’t mind because I had a great rate with my coupon and my room down the road was private.

Nightfall came and all hell broke loose! Or maybe I should say it was HOT AS HADES in my room! During the summer months Park City gets into the 80’s with dry desert heat. It doesn’t sound that extreme, but if you have no air conditioning or windows to catch a breeze, your living in misery! My room had the one patio door and a ceiling fan about 15ft up. I had left the patio door open all day the next day and the fan running on high. NO luck in cooling it down. The three nights I was there I was sweaty, hot and I don’t recall snoozing anytime before 2am each night. When I called the front desk to make sure I wasn’t missing some magical switch they apologized for the lack of air conditioning.

My summary on this property is GREAT WINTER lodge, HORRIBLE SUMMER lodge. The location in the Village was nice and close to all the fun activities in town and in the winter would give you "out the door" skiing access, but unfortunately the lack of sleep was enough to kill this location for me. With plenty of other great lodges and hotels in the area equipped with air conditioning I have to give this one a thumbs down. ShareThis


Sarah V. said...

No air conditioning? That's insanity! Sorry you had such an uncomfortable time.

Steve Barsh said...

This is Steve Barsh, CEO of PackLate (with whom you made the booking). We are so sorry to hear about the problem with your accommodations. Our apologies that there was no air conditioning and you were disappointed. Please, if you book with us again and there is any problem before or during your stay, PLEASE reach out to us on 1-877-4PACKLATE. Due to our purchasing power, we are almost always able to get the situation corrected -- even if it involves moving you to a different property. Thanks for using! We hope to earn the right to have you back as a customer again! -- Steve Barsh.

Travelers Barista said...

I can not tell you how AMAZING the packlate service has been! Fans...don't take this individual Lodge experience to reference packlate in general. Super coming VERY soon on packlate

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