Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pike Place Market - A site to see! - Seattle, WA

I'll admit I'm not a lover of crowds, but I can tollerate much more than my husband can.  We took a trip up to Seattle, via the Lite Rail and had a great time. Despite having been to the Pike Place market in years past we made the stop anyways.  At first glance my husband would of rather just walked by and skipped the over crowded market, but once we got in and out of the main entrance it wasn't so overwhelming.  The smell of fresh fish isn't exactly my cup of tea, but the beautiful flowers, fruit, vegetables and unique products made this worth the stroll
KIDS at the Pike Place
My thought on Pike Place with children is that it's a tough walk with a stroller. Heck, it's a tough walk sometimes without the kids, and if you have a child (like my son) who likes to run off when not contained, you may want to bring an umbrella or small stroller to strap them down.  Keep the kids close at all times! They can quickly become misplaced behind another person walking by or swept away with the crowd.  There are lots of great bakeries and food stands to delight the kids or yourself with a yummy snack.

HOURS: Unlike many other smaller farmers markets, Pike Place is open 7 days a week, 362 days a year, excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.  Typical hours are from 10am-5pm, but follow this Link for specific Market Hours information.


Island Chick said...

This reminds me of Lancaster where they had buildings and buildings of nothing but fresh and canned veggies from the gardens of the Amish people who live there. Love your blog!

Travelers Barista said...

Thanks Island Chicks! Appreciate the comment!

Lora (Tripping with Kids) said...

Will be heading there in the next few weeks. Was wondering how much interest rows and rows of vegetables would be for the kids. But the whole vibe has got to be exciting in and of itself, I would think.

Travelers Barista said...

It's really not too big, so as long as you don't stop to taste every fruit you see and google at all the new crafts, you could easily be done in an hour. I think we only took about a half hour to walk through.
Although I'm sure someone really getting into it and stopping for a meal inside etc, could spend a couple hours.
Just keep the kids close and they'll probably enjoy people watching.
Would definitely like to know what you think, would love to hear when you get back!

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