Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's on your Travel Bucket List? Here is mine!

This seems to be a popular topic at the moment, and it's even the topic of discussion for this weeks #TNI (Travelers Night In) on Twitter.  It got me thinking about my own Travel Bucket List and where exactly my heart truly desires to go. 

My typical travels tend to lean towards convenience and sometimes the most kid friendly and closest to home with a toddler in tow.  I forget that my dream is to look beyond those conveniences and see the world before I hit sixty.

After some thought I've created my own "Travel Bucket List". Places I want to see and adventures I'd like to complete - dare I say, "before I die".  Not to be confused with my day to day Bucket list, or my favorite places I've already traveled to.  I didn't put these in any order of importance - I find that they all equally have a special reason for being on this list and I want to do them in any order I can.

#1 Ireland
This just looks like an absolutely beautiful island, and somewhere along the lines apparently my fathers side of the family is Irish. Aren't we all? At least on St. Patty's Day it seems!

#2 Visit All 50 United States
I've mostly seen the Western United States and a few larger Eastern States. I don't count airport stops or layovers. I only mark one off if I've spent at least a weekend.  All those tiny ones on the East Coast will take awhile. But my next cruise will be the Canada/New England cruise, that should help mark off a few.

#3 Paris, France
Who doesn't want to see Paris? And the Eiffel tower in Vegas doesn't count

#4 The Grand Canyon with my Family
This should be an easy trip to accomplish since were just up North. I'm waiting for my son to turn maybe 5 or 6 so he can enjoy it too.

#5 African Safari
Every picture I've seen from African Safari's make me want to pack up my jungle gear and hop into the back of a Jeep.

#6 Hot Air Ballooning - Almost anywhere!
I love being high in the sky (despite my slight fear of flying). As I was leaving Park City, Utah last month I saw a few Hot Air Balloons in the distance. I pulled over and just watched them soar through the air. I can't wait to take my husband back with me and do this someday.

#7 Take a month long Cruise with my husband
It's no secret that I LOVE to cruise. I would love to take the world cruise, but 90+ days on a ship seems a bit much and a little spendy. But I plan to hop on for a month long portion of the World cruise maybe once we are "empty nester's" and the kids are gone.

#8 Tuscany, Italy
Another beautiful place I dream of going. Especially when I see it in the movies, it makes me want to go even more.  Can't wait to see the newest movie "Eat, Pray, Love" with Julia Roberts!

#9 Take my Children to Disneyworld for a week or more!
One of my favorite memories as a teenager was one of my rare trips with my parents. My dad surprised me and my best friend on a trip to Disneyworld and I can't wait to share the magic with my children.

#10 Take a trip to help those in need
I did this once as a teenager and hope to do it again.  We built houses in Mexico and even at a young age I knew how important this was and how much we were helping. The tears in the eyes of the families we built homes for was enough for me to want to help again.  One of the most rewarding trips you can experience!

Can you name just ONE place on your list? Maybe some where or something you want to do the most?


FourJedis said...

Great list! Definitely, DEFINITELY try and do an African safari! Tanzania is amazing, as is Zambia. I never made it to Namibia to see waves crash on the desert sands, but maybe one day!

I've been to France, but never to Paris, and I love fashion, so that is one big ticket on my travel bucket list! Great list you have there! Time to get packin!

ilikewinter said...

Ever since I first heard about the Peace Corps in 8th grade, it's been my dream to go and serve in that capacity. I am 100% into your #10 for that reason. I want to take my (future) family to a village in another country and live there for a summer- or longer- homeschool the kids during that time and have them work alongside us (future spouse & I). I feel like this would be the best education for a family and a real bonding experience.

Aimee "Roo" said...

Hot air ballooning is on mine for sure! Luckily we live in Utah, so it should happen soon. :)

HarmSkills said...

macao and a safari in africa. ill get there someday!

KAM (Cruise_Slinger) said...

There is a 66 day cruise that goes through Antarctica and Panama Canal, stopping in Chile, Brazil, and all around South America (literally...around) that I am dieing to take! As soon as internet on ships is reliable enough for my DH to work from ship, we're off! Of course it begins and ends in Ft. Lauderdale, which is only 5 hours form orlando and Disneyworld....mmmm I love it there too! Your bucket list has me dreaming!

TravelholicA said...

Hot air ballooning is one mine as well!

Anonymous said...

I get to go to Tuscany in my bucket is full for now...exploring the northwest islands and trails this summer is my dream and actuality, love it! Will share Tuscany with you via the blog world.

AL said...

I want to go take a Xena trip around New Zealand or Greece, but Ireland is also on the trip.

Hann said...

my ultimate goal in my travel bucket list is to travel around the world before I turn 30.. well atleast visit one country in each continent.. so far I just have Asia & North America.. still looking forward to visit 5 more continents within 7 years.. :)

Travelers Barista said...

Everyone has some great things I need to add to my bucket list!

Hann...I hope you achieve that goal, it's a good one! I may have had something like that on my list had I not settled down to marriage and the family life in my twenties.
But I still enjoy traveling, even with the family in tow. You just won't find us going around the world with two young kids and a company to run. We're saving up for that World Cruise someday!

Bo said...

Awesome list! I think a month in Tuscany would be amazing.

Definitely agree with Ireland...that place is unreal!

Adventurous Kate said...

A few things on my bucket list...

Sri Lanka. Just can't stop thinking about it.

San Fermines (Running of the Bulls) in Pamplona. The Sun Also Rises is my favorite book of all time -- I need to experience that festival!

And I want to live abroad. Hopefully I'll be doing so a year from now.

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