Wednesday, July 7, 2010

True Customer Service still exists!

Today's blog is based on Exceptional Customer service that I haven't seen in years.  If you've read my recent posts you'll recall my stay in Park City, Utah that didn't turn out as I had hoped.  My original booking was through which I had been referred by a traveling friend with a coupon.

At first glace I found Packlate to be easy to navigate, and although they didn't have rentals across the nation, their selection was based in popular destinations and the discounts were great! And just since my booking a few weeks ago they have added 6 new city's and gone international with Costa Rica (which had me drooling over their Beach front Villas by the way!).

You may have heard of them before, but for me this was my first time booking with them.  The best part though came AFTER my vacation was done and over.  I wrote a post on my stay at "The Lodge at Mountain Village" and disappointment with the resort.  I was immediately contacted by the CEO, Steve Barsh, who was genuinely concerned about my trip and let me know that I could have called Packlate to address the issue during my stay and they even would have moved me to another location if necessary. 

Never in my years of travel have I had a 3rd party company (and I've used many) have any concern about how my accommodations turned out.  They've made their money, and hotel accommodations are known to be "written in stone". You know...non-refundable, non-transferable, better pick the right one because it's where your staying, and you checked the box that means you read all the fine print about all the charges, fees and giving away your first born, right???

Packlate made it clear to me that they are not just another travel company ready to take your money, but they make their business by keeping loyal and happy customers, which is what I am now! 

After mentioning I wanted to tell my fans about Packlate, they extended an awesome coupon for ALL OF YOU to use, valid for any booking until September 10, 2010 for $25 off.  Doesn't sound like much? We'll go check out their awesome last minute rates and that "little coupon" can save you half a nights stay!

COUPON CODE:  TravelersBarista25  at checkout
Visit and book your last minute travels!

Want to know how this whole story began? See my Park City Post & Steve's comment HERE

*Travelers Barista was not compensated or asked to write this post on This was based on my own personal and genuine experience with an exceptional company! ShareThis

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