Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost in the Parking lot? - Travel Tip Tuesday

Ever gone to the airport, theme park or even the grocery store and forgot where you parked?  We'll here is a simple tip that can save you some frustration after a long day of fun with the Family at the zoo or any other place you may get lost in the jungle of cars!

Travel Tip Tuesday - July 20th, 2010
Grab your camera, iPhone or what ever is handy for a photo and snap one of the nearest permanent object that stands out to you. Could be a sign, huge rock or just something near your car.  Don't take a picture of the cool monster truck next to you, because he may not be there when you get back.  Most theme parks also have the identification signs to help you remember, so snap a picture of that.  Then when your day is about done, look back at that first photo of the day and see where you parked.  Super simple!



Cindy Richards said...

That's a great tip--I always do that because I can never actually remember where I parked, especially after a long day of fun. I used to jot it on the back of the parking ticket, then had to remember where I put the parking ticket. Now I can leave the parking ticket in the visor and take the parking spot with me on my phone....

KAM (Cruise_Slinger) said...

Ultimately, my phone always dies before the end of the day, so I would have to make sure to have my hubby take the picture as well. He likes to put it in his notes on his phone, which isn't always very helpful.

Dana said...

What a great idea!!

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