Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Devine 5 course meal at the Copperleaf Restaurant at Cedarbrook Lodge

I was invited by the Culinary Director, Roy Breiman and Chef Mark Bodinet for a fabulous dinner during my stay at Cedarbrook Lodge.  The Copperleaf Restaurant provides an intimate dining experience with first class gourmet food.

The Chef had a created a tasting menu for us, but the actual menu itself was full of wonderful dishes that would most likely fit anyone's taste.  Prices were in the range of $12-$30 per dish, depending on what you prefer, but well worth it!  I asked for a children's menu even though we had left the kiddo's home for this relaxing trip, and they had a great selection of noodles, meats, sandwiches and the kids favorite...mac n' cheese!  All for a nice price of around $6 per meal.

Farm to Table Food
One of my favorite things about this restaurant and Lodge is that they are dedicated to being sustainable.  At the Cooperleaf restaurant you'll find simple, flavorful ingredients brought to the table from local farmers and even vegetables from their own garden at the lodge.

We began our dinner with something to "open our palate" (yes this was a fancy restaurant) then jumped into the Yakima Valley Asparagus Salad.  The mixture in this salad was amazing. Somehow mixing the cherries and asparagus made my taste buds tingle! At this point I realized I should be taking pictures because this meal was going to be worth sharing.

Next was Kodiak Island Halibut. I have to admit I cringed when I saw fish on the tasting menu, I don't normally eat it.  But my first bite into this and I was in Halibut heaven. It was my first time having Halibut and I hope it tastes this good everywhere because I've been missing out!

After cleansing our palates again we had Snake River Farm Pork Belly.  A little too fatty for my taste, but my husband ate his up and the rest of what I left on my plate as well.  I'm the kind of person who picks off any fat I see on my meat.

Grilled Painted Hills Strip Loin...that's all I have to say! Mmmmm, it was delicious!  I've never had a Morels Mushroom, but they are salty and good if eaten sparingly.

And if I wasn't already stuffed to the brim after tasting all those wonderful dishes we were spoiled with the most wonderful Fromage Blanc Ice Cream (ice cream made with cream cheese) and the CHOCOLATEIST (if that's a word) Theo's Hot Chocolate I've ever had in my life.  Even the cup was the size of an espresso shot because it was so Rich!
Tip: If you plan to dine at this wonderful restaurant, make a reservation! With the small intimate dining it can get full fast. Earlier dining is more likely to get you a seat

*Disclosure: My meal was provided by the Copperleaf restaurant, but I guarantee did not affect my opinion of this article, the food speaks for itself!


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