Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Then and Now of Travel - How has Travel changed over the years?

Remember the old days of travel?  Stories told by our grandparents (maybe Great-grandparents) of horse buggies, walking up hill both ways to school in the snow without shoes, and the word "Internet" was not even a part of the English vocabulary.

Travel has changed so much, even just in the past 10 years.  New fees and more regulations due to National security and post 9-11 fears.  We can no longer bring any liquids we please, carry sharp objects or cross the United States border without a passport.   

Lets take a moment to sit back and reminisce the good ol' days of travel.  Some good, some bad, but nevertheless...all gone in the past!

THEN:  You rode in the back of the station wagon, crawling over seats, driving your parents nuts and thought seat belts were for race car drivers.
NOW:  Children as old as tweens are sometimes required to use a child seat (due to height or weight) and we don't get out of the garage without the car BEEPING like crazy if a passenger has forgotten their seat belt. But I must say I don't mind the rules when it comes to my kids safety.

THEN:  Riding in an airplane felt like a train because the person next to you, just may have lit up like one with a cigarette in the cabin.  Can you imagine? Smoking on an airplane? 
NOW:  Don't think twice about it - and you'd better bet you'll be hauled off in hand-cuffs if you mess with the smoke-detector on a plane.  I have to laugh as I pass by the glass boxed "smoking section" some airports provide; Take note: the ceilings are yellow!

THEN: FREE Pillow, blanket, full sized snack or hot meal and a smile were what your flight-attendant provided on every flight.
NOW: Snacks and meals provided with a FEE. Don't forget that credit card or cash, or you may be asking your neighbor if he's gonna eat his entire bag of 10 peanuts! And as heard over the PA - "flight attendants are there primarily for your safety", so think twice before pushing that help button.

THEN: Did you pack your Walkman? The first portable cassette player entered our travels in 1979.
NOW: MP3, iPhone and other devices hold 1000's of songs, books and even movies to go!

THEN: Paper tic-tac-toe, hangman, "99 bottles of beer on the wall" and other classics kept you busy while on that family road trip.
NOW: Wi-fi, portable DVD players, iPad and other handheld devices keep kids entertained.  Even your only child sadly no longer needs a playmate in the backseat.

THEN: Cruising was for the elite and unless your father worked on Wall-Street you probably never even considered the day you'd sail away for 7 nights to the Caribbean!
NOW: Cruising is much more affordable for many and with the price of gas you can probably find one cheaper than that week long road-trip your planning.

How has Travel changed since you were a child?
Add your Now and Then story


Anonymous said...

Then: rest areas that were not closed due to budgetary cutbacks, piping hot and deliciously fried, not baked, cherry pies from McDonald's, and loving the smell of leaded gas in the morning!

BigAppleNosh said...

Oh, the good old days of the station wagon!!

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