Friday, July 16, 2010

Foto Fun Friday - July 16th, 2010

Last week I wrote about my favorite theme park and how my family has gone for generations.  Well, here is the fun proof I found in my moms photo albums!

Same fun cowboys, still sitting and waiting for us everytime we visit!  There are even some nice looking ladies for the boys to pose with as well

My father - sometime in the early 60's

My Aunt and I (left)- 1985My daughter, mother and I - 2007

So, here is your super EASY Foto Friday Question...What Theme park is this?



KAM (Cruise_Slinger) said...

Knott's Berry Farm...I don't even need to go back and read last week's post, which I am going to do now. I probably have photos with the same guys in my mom's photos albums! I always loved Knott's!

Travelers Barista said...

Thanks for the Comment KAM - always makes my day! And yes it is Knotts. I have SO many awesome pictures now of me and my daughter at the same ages riding the same rides. I may post those on a later date, just for fun.
I love Knotts and can't wait to go back soon. Writing the post this week made me want to get back down there.

Rachel Ferrucci said...

Great memories as a kid going there...over 30 years ago!

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