Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's PUMPKIN Patch time and we have some great ones in the Northwest!

Growing up as a child in Los Angeles, California, pumpkin patches and farms were make believe places I saw on TV or in the movies.  Even after moving to Washington in my teens, my parents stuck with the usual store purchased pumpkin and didn't properly introduce me to any farms. 

Now with children of my own I have finally spent the last few years enjoying the TRUE holiday of Halloween and all it's activities of a Pumpkin Patch.  I had no clue that some have rides, mazes, petting zoos and so much more to offer than just pumpkins. 
Olympia, WA has a several great pumpkin patches just in this area.  I've heard of many throughout the Puget Sound are wonderful and if you have any travel plans to be in the Northwest in October, you won't be disappointed if you make a pit stop at the Pumpkin Patch! Ask a local where their favorite farm is to visit and you're likely to be given a decent location. 
I will admit it can get a little pricey at the more popular locations, so we spend a little money on a couple rides and the hay maze and actually just get one or two very small pumpkins the kids can carry on their own and save our money for the large pumpkins to be purchased at the grocery store. 

This year we chose to visit Hunter's Pumpkin Patch here in Olympia with some friends.  I had been visiting Schilter's Family Farm the last couple years with my daughters school groups.  We had a great time with the girls running through a maze as we watched them get lost from above.  I watched my son take his first Pony ride while my daughter took a scream down the slide and a fun ride on a ATV and Haunted train.  The activities are fun and if you get lucky (as we did this year) to get some sunny Northwest October weather, it makes for an even better day at the farm.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Tolmie State Park - Washington

Today's Photo Friday is a picture I took last month with my iphone and just dolled up a little using Picnik (a website I LOVE for photo editing).  It may not be the best photo, but I think it shows how amazing the simple things can be.  We visit this small state park often that is near our home.  On this particular day, the bridge we've walked over many times before seemed extraordinary to me and I snapped a quick picture with my iphone since I didn't have my digital with me.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where in the World is Traveler's Barista?

Hello to all my travel readers and followers! You may have noticed that my normal daily posting have become more like once or twice weekly and unfortunately, nothing at all so far this week.  I just wanted to reassure you all that my writing will continue and I'm just here at home in the Northwest getting my career back up and going in Real Estate after taking a couple years off from being home with my children. 

My travels are still non-stop and I am leaving this evening for two states in four days with my mom.  Along with our ongoing family camping trips and upcoming travels, my passion still lives on, but I just haven't had as much time to share my stories with all of you.  Please check back often as I get things back on track with setting aside more time for blogging, traveling and chatting with all of you on twitter!

Here's a taste of my next upcoming Post...
Camping Deception Pass State Park (Whidbey Island)


Friday, October 1, 2010

What a VIEW! (Out the window)

Ok, so it is called "Foto FUN Friday" afterall and this photo was just too priceless not to share! My son after a bath making sure to see the sites out our 24th floor suite in Vancouver, B.C.  He loved watching the cars and people below and thankfully they couldn't see him above.

Have any Fun and Priceless pictures of your Kids traveling?
(You know, the ones you'll get out and show their future spouse)