Monday, July 5, 2010

Knotts Berry Farm Theme Park - Buena Park, California

Growing up as a child in Los Angeles California I was not a Disneyland child, but I was a Knotts kid!  Each year my parents saved up for that one day when we would enjoy the rides, Snoopy Characters and all that was Knotts Berry Farm.  America's very first theme park and childhood memories that no one can ever erase. 

What I love so much about this theme Park is that no matter how many years have gone by I can still take a picture next to the same statues that were there in the sixties and my own parents stood by as teens.  The modern world has done little to affect the great atmosphere of the Wild West, Ghost Town theme.  It still smells the same as I remember years past and the moment I step beyond the gates I feel like a child again. 

Camp Snoopy still has those same Red Baron airplanes and Huff and Puff soap box carts I rode as a child and watched my own daughter ride a couple years ago. Yet a few newer rides added to the mix makes it all the more fun for kids seeking a little more action these days.

My favorite two rides are still making a splash at Knotts.  "Big Foot Rapids" winds you through the river in which ever direction the water takes you, and the best part is not knowing who is going to get drenched under the waterfall.  And who doesn't enjoy a "Timber Mountain Log Ride" through dark caves and taking a stomach dropping plunge at the end! (Don't forget to smile, your on camera!)

Although I believe Knotts has done very well at keeping it's timeless Western charm, they have added some great Roller coasters to the park, as well as the Soak City Water Park just next door.

I love the food in Knotts Berry Farm and although it's not cheap (No theme park ever is) it's part of the experience and well worth the few extra bucks.

Be sure to hop on the Train, ride the bumper cars and even take a thrilling fall on the supreme scream! If your a fan of Halloween you can visit each year when the park is taken over by Ghosts and Goblins and turned into "Knotts Scary Farm". ShareThis

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Colleen at Travel Mamas said...

Sounds fun! I haven't been to Knott's since I was a teenager. I'm looking forward to taking the kids this year for Knott's Merry Farm in December!

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