Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meeting another Traveling Mom and so many more at EVO

During my recent trip to Park City, Utah I was attending my first blogger conference and super excited to meet some of the wonderful women I had been talking to and working with online.  One person I was really looking forward to meeting was Kim Orlando, founder of where I write as "Northwest TravelingMom". 

Kim was on the panel for "Vlogging" and I was there for two reasons. One, to learn how to start vlogging and secondly to meet this super busy and wonderful TravelingMom. 

It is always one thing to have friends and colleagues online, but I always find it so amazing to meet them in person.  It seems that even though you've never met this person that you know them so well and it's always an easy conversation as if your picking up from the last email you left off from.  

Attending EVO was a wonderful experience, not just for meeting Kim, but also all the other great bloggers I had never even talked with prior to the conference.  Everyone was so welcoming (even for this newbie blogger) and I took many lasting friendships home with me. 

PS - We all don't normally dress up like cowgirls (that I know of) but the closing party was sponsored by Bushes Baked Beans and everyone put on their best riding gear!

Some great new bloggy friends I made (just a couple out of MANY)

Christine Young (pictured middle) of From Dates to Diapers - One Amazing mother of 6 (soon to be 7)

Lauren Horsely of Supermom Central & TravelingwithTinysMom on 

Gina B├ęgin of Sugared Magnolia - Where she bakes some fabulous organic foods



ilikewinter said...

Yeaaaah! We need a reunion! =) It was great being EVO buddies with you, Crystal. Great memories!

savvytravelblog said...

tbexB in the flesh! :)

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