Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favorite things about coming HOME from traveling

During my last flight home I was in awe of the sight of Seattle.  It was as if I had never seen it before and it was the most beautiful place on earth.  It was home and an overwhelming feeling of happiness took over.  I had not come home from a bad trip, in fact we had an amazing time in Hawaii - but something about getting home is always a good feeling.  I started to think of all the wonderful things I love when I land on the ground or return home from a trip. So here they are in no particular order!

1. The site of Mt. Rainier and Seattle are more beautiful than any other descend in a plane.
2. The Smell and drive of my very own car - especially if I've had a cheesy rental all week
3. Knowing my favorite coffee stand is just around the corner
4. Sleeping in my very own BED!  Need I say I'm addicted to my Tempur-Pedic
5. Being able to walk around in my birthday suit, without worrying the kids will open the hallway door for the tourist to see the hotels newest attraction!
6. If we've left the kids at home with Grandma, the feeling of is even more special and that first HUG is amazing!  I suppose when they are teenagers it won't be the same, but for now I enjoy a toddler and 6yr olds hugs and kisses
7. Ok - So I don't have any pets, but I know you animal lovers are thinking "Kisses from my puppy" or "Cuddles with the cat" there's your little shout out to pet lovers across the nation.
8. Getting back to the normal routine! Sounds boring, but sometimes after a week of running around like a maniac tourist, it's nice to know you have a schedule at home.

What's YOUR favorite thing about coming home?  



buttercup said...

I like getting back to the old schedule too. Usually the house is super clean when I get home and that is lovely! I love the hugs and kisses I get and being back with my whole family.

HarmSkills said...

whenever we come home from a trip, our fridge is usually bare. so we always get take out. one last treat when you get home!

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing is to take long shower as soon as I get home. Hotel showers are just not the same as my home shower.

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