Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 things to remember as you head for the airport - Travel Tip Tuesday

 Here are a few items you want to remember before planning your trip to the Airport.

1. Depending on the length of your flight and what time it is, pack a good snack or even a breakfast, lunch or dinner to go! Liquids are prohibited beyond security, but FOOD IS NOT.  With airlines these days your lucky to get a pack of peanuts big enough to satisfy a bird and getting a small snack onboard runs in the $5-$7 range or more for a whole meal and vendors inside the airport are just as expensive in most cases.

2. Plan your route ahead of time and be sure to give yourself enough time for unexpected traffic. If your visiting a large city and have a mid-day flight home, you're likely to get stuck in the local rush hour.  Ask a local about traffic rushes and they can probably give you some tips on how to get around and when the best time to leave is.

3. Don't forget if your headed home and have a rental car, leave yourself some extra time to refill the tank of gas.  I almost completely forgot this important step on my last solo trip and found myself in a rush to find a gas station that was no where to be found near the airport.

June 29, 2010
4. Check into your flight the day before online and print your tickets.  This can save you some time, especially if your not checking any bags, then you get to head right to the terminal.  If you are checking bags, this can save you money with certain airlines who are offering discounts for prepaid baggage fees online.

5. Expect the unexpected! Even if you've done your job to get to the airport on time and did everything above to assure you didn't miss your plane, don't be surprised if your rushing to the gate only to see "DELAYED" on the board.  I have found that with flying you can't expect everything to go right 100% of the time.  Keeping this in mind, I find myself excited when things do go as planned and just appreciate getting home on time or near on time is just fine by me. ShareThis

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