Monday, June 14, 2010

Zip Lining and Mayo Sandwiches - Alaska

Conversation over the two-way; "We've got a Mayonnaise Sandwich just below at your 2 o'clock!"  Our guide points below to the baby "Mayo sandwich"...ok, a baby bear that was walking through the bushes below.  A site seen almost daily during the zip lining excursions. Why on earth they call them a mayo sandwich is unknown to me.  I figure a "honey pot" or "honey stealer" would seem more appropriate, but either way, they use the term to not scare any tourist by shouting "there is a Bear in the woods"!  Apparently it's caught some people off guard.  But what a very cool site for me to see.  I've seen a bear or two at the zoo, but to see a cub in it's natural habitat is something different all in itself. 

Once we all caught a glimpse, it was "Zip-set-Go"!  We were halfway through our zip line journey and all five of us were having a blast. Four men, one being my husband and then myself.  The other wives stayed back on the cruise ship and in town for some shopping. We started our trek at the tree house where we were geared up with helmets, gloves and the proper crotch grabbing gear to Zip with.  With a quick tutorial we chose our guide, who turned out be hilarious and entertaining, and we set off on the first smaller zip line.  The trail only got higher, faster and more fun as we went along, and even bounced along some wooden suspension bridges to break things up a little. The views were great and the zipping was even better!  Once we made it to the end of several zip lines it was the final Hoo Rah!  We got to be silly and we were encouraged to strike a pose for the cameraman taking our pictures.

At the end of our trip through the trees we received a special treat that not all groups get to do unless you get through the course in a good amount of time.  Instead of walking down stairs to get to the end, we got to repel down a tree, which was faster, funner and my first time repelling down anything.

TIPS: If your considering the zip-line excursion be sure your not afraid of heights.  I could just imagine someone like my mom freaking out at the top of the trees.  If you get through some of the course and can't continue on, you must repel straight off the zip line to the ground, which is probably more scary than doing the course itself.  The heights didn't bother me and I felt very safe with the double clipped lines they attached us to. It just felt a little odd standing in a huge tree that swayed a little as we stood waiting our turn. 
Bring your camera, be sure it has a Strap to attach to your body, otherwise you can't bring it along.  Leave most items behind, but if you must carry something you'll have a chance to put those items in a locked bin before your zipline tour begins. ShareThis

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