Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Travel Tip Tuesday - June 22, 2010

Most airlines are now charging $15-$30 for your FIRST checked bag and even more for your 2nd, 3rd and so on. Don't forget, this charge is each way, adding up to $30-$60 per person, per trip!  Also don't forget, airlines have a checked bag weight limit, meaning if you go over the typical 50lb limit, you'll have even more Fees tacked on to your luggage, and these can get hefty - quite literally!

Taking a short trip? Check your airlines carry on baggage limit and you can save yourself some cash by hauling it on the plane yourself. Most airlines allow one "personal" bag (i.e. purse or laptop) and one suitcase that fits their size limits.  But, don't attempt to bring more luggage than the limit states, you may be required to check luggage, plus this is just a common courtesy to your fellow passengers by not taking up all the overhead space with your personal luggage.  I must admit, I scowl at people carrying 3-4 bags onto the plane that are clearly over the limit and some how get through the boarding process.  On our last trip to Hawaii my husband and I shared one large bag to check-in and saved some cash. 

Bringing a lap baby? Most airlines will allow an "extra" diaper bag as a carry on for the lap infant.  Check with your airline for lap infant baggage restrictions. 


HarmSkills said...

and the car seat, stroller are free.... so you can feel like you are getting to bring alot without paying too too much!

jet blue and SW dont charge. I live in NYC so we try to fly jet blue as much as possible.

Tania in Aus said...

I am amazed at how much people can bring on in the US - in Australia the checked bag fees on our budget carriers are more modest and you are only allowed one 7kg/15lb bag plus a personal item as carry on - and they are very strict about this.

Anonymous said...

I actually did a post on this for both peak travel fees and baggage fees. There is a calendar letting you know what you pay on which days and a rundown of all the airlines and how much they charge for baggage. Excellent job by Rick Seaney at farecompare.com.


Gina said...

Excellent tips! I try to only travel with carry on luggage. Of course we usually travel stand-by. So I have my carry-on bag and a slightly larger than a purse size travel bag that fits under my seat: I keep my purse inside it, book, snacks, etc. Then it always gives me an extra bag if *for some reason* I end up coming home with more than I left with. I hate it when I see people trying to sneak through with extra bags too...
Follow the rules, people.

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