Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be a Tourist in your City - From a NEW view!

I have taken a couple of helicopter tours during my travels and they never cease to amaze me - but never did I consider what the amazing view above my own City might be.  My husband bugged me to go up for a ride a few months ago and he finally convinced me to go.  He booked me a ride with Hammer Helicopters in Olympia, and the day I went up turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. 

I was a tourist in my own City, viewing sites many locals have probably never seen.  I felt like a bird as we flew over the local shopping centers, my children's school and even my own house.  The pilot was great to take me where ever I desired and we were able to see everything I wanted in a half hour flight.

If you live in a City with a small airport then you're more than likely to find a company willing to take you up for a site seeing tour. Helicopter flights are not known for being the cheapest way to travel, but I have always found them to be worth the ride.  Be sure to bring a camera, tell your pilot where you'd like to go and in many cases you can even request the doors off if your daring enough, and it's better for photos.


trip styler said...

sometimes we forget that our own cities have so much to offer. the other day I went to an amazing art gallery in my hometown of Vancouver, BC and felt like a tourist--it was awesome.

Travelers Barista said...

Thanks Trip Styler...and I'll be in Vancouver as a tourist in YOUR town in August! Can't wait to get back there, it's been several years and I love Vancouver!

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