Monday, June 28, 2010

My first video post in Park City, Utah - Ziprider

I just got back from an amazing 4 days in Park City, Utah! I was extremely busy with a conference I attended, but Jyl & Rachael, hosts of EVO, made sure we had some extreme fun on the last day. We were given a pass for the Park City Mountain Resort park and it was a blast!  They have several rides in their park, including the Alpine Coaster (coolest ride I've EVER ridden) and Ziprider, both of which start high up on the mountain and get you back down in the fastest funnest way possible!

I wish I had recorded the Alpine Coaster, but I had to man the controls on how fast to go and we were in fast mode.  So I recorded my awesome ride on the Ziprider.  Watch the video and you'll get a glimpse of people riding the Alpine Coaster and other rides below me as I zip down the mountain side.

I can't wait to share more about Park City, Utah with all of you.  This beautiful City that once held the 2002 Winter Olympics has so much to offer even in the summertime.

Enjoy my FIRST video post on Travelers Barista! And I'd love to hear your comments, as always!



Tina said...

You did a MUCH better job recording than I did! I was gripping so hard the camera twisted.. LOL

Thanks for not making me go alone :)

Crozier's Crazy Chronicals said...

Wasn't EVO great? I was chicken to zip it, so thanks now I feel like I totally did it!

Travelers Barista said...

Might I sound cheesy if I say I feel "changed"? LOL I learned so much at the conference and had the time of my life meeting new friends. I didn't think a conference could equal fun, but Jyl and Rachael really did such an awesome job on doing just that!

buttercup said...

Crystal, you did awesome on your first vlog. I can't believe you did it on the zip line. I would have been so scared that I would drop my camera! I wanted to go on the zip line, but my daughter was too scared. My husband and son went on though and LOVED it!

Becca said...

It was awesome meeting you and I'm glad you had a good time at Park City Mountain. I know I had a great time hosting you guys! The video is intense, it really captures the expreience haha! Thanks for coming and hopefully we'll see you in the winter?

Becca (Park City Mountain Resort)

Jyl Johnson Pattee said...

You looked so cool, calm, and collected on the ride (awesome video!). I was screaming my head off LOL!

Thanks so much for the compliment. Soooo glad you enjoyed evo'10 and can't wait to see you back next year :).


Rachael said...

So glad you've had so much good contest luck this year! :) Fabulous post and video!

Danielle Smith said...

GREAT JOB turning the camera around on yourself! Very impressed!!

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