Monday, June 7, 2010

If you love it - Go Back!

I love to travel to new places, hoping to find an exciting change of scenery, but who loves going somewhere new and finding out it isn't all what you had hoped it'd be? 

I am slowly realizing as I sit her on my Lanai in Maui that this truly has always been my favorite place to travel.  My first trip here was my honeymoon 10 years ago and basically one of my first major travels of my life.  After an amazing 10 days in Maui I figured the thrill of a honeymoon must have been what kept it in my memory (and no I'm not talking bedroom thrills).  After 10 years and many more travels my heart still had a fond place for Maui.  In February of this year we made our first trip back after almost 10 years and brought our children and my mother with us.  Yet again after a week in Lahaina I wanted to stay longer.  Watching my children have the time of their life playing in the warm beach sand and enjoying walks in the morning sun.  It was all too good to be true. 
Now it's June and I sit here feeling like I'm at home.  The Northwest is where my real home is and where I usually love to go back to, but being here just feels so right!

You might think going back to the same place over and over would get boring, but I have found that learning my way around Maui makes me feel more welcome and getting to the store or doing simple things are easier and more relaxing.  Just today we took a trip up to the Haleakala Crater, something after 3 trips we had not yet done and it was Amazing!  Yesterday we drove the road to Hana, yet another activity we had not done, but probably won't do again.  We are slowly learning what we like and don't like to do on Maui and where our favorite places to be are, making each trip better and better!

So, it can be nice to travel the world and visit new places, but the best trips seem to be that place you really truly love to be.  Whether it's just a short drive from your house or maybe across the ocean, sometimes doing the same trip over and over, is a worthwhile "old" adventure! 



Sarah, The Ohana Mama said...

Love this post!

Sometimes it's nice to discover new places and then other times it's nice to rediscover old loves. It's also great because you get to know those that live here and we like seeing familiar faces come back year after year! Welcome back Crystal!

p.s. We did the Road to Hana when we first moved here and haven't done it again since, lol! It may be time to go for it once again...we'll see!

Debbie Ferm said...

I agree. I love to visit new places, and there endless places on my list, but after visiting my in laws in Florida when we were younger, and continuing to visit with or kids, I feel like it's my second home. The great thing is that it's such an easy destination for us to get to even from Minnesota.

I'm glad you're having such a great time:)

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