Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where is your vacation "Really" taking you? This helpful little tool will show you!

When I decide to take a trip to a new destination, whether it's with the family or not, I always want to know as much information that I can.  I find that many websites and destination guides always do their best to dazzle you with beautiful photos and talk up all the great things about their City, activities and hotels.  I recently came across a wonderful way to really "see" where your going in true form before you get there! 

Find out what's really next door to your hotel with a 360° view or what the streets look like in a particular City.  You can even travel your route from the airport to get an idea of where your headed.  How?  Well it's pretty easy! 

Go to Google Maps  In the top search area, type in the address or area of your destination.  As long as your not traveling to the outskirts of a town, your more than likely to find what your looking for.  Now, grab that little Orange man on the top left and drag him to the location you want.  If the street highlights in blue, your good to go, if not then there may not be a street view of this area. (Example: I am staying at this hotel next month with family in Denver and typed in the address...this is what I get Hyatt Summerfield)  Once you have your man on the road a 360° view will pop up for you to play with.  Follow the arrows down the road to check out the city or drag the little man to another area to get around faster. 

I love this google map and now have a reason to use it more often when choosing my travel destination.  It could make or break a hotel choice on which one actually looks nicer and now I can see with my own eyes what's in close proximity to where I'm staying.

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