Saturday, May 22, 2010

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort - Disneyworld, Florida

First off I will say, I am digging into my memory bank on this review, but my vacation to Disneyworld several years ago is still one of the Top on my list and Coronado Springs was part of that reason!

When we pulled into the Disney Resort I felt as though I had entered a whole new world, with it's Southwest Spanish style theme, everything is transformed.  This massive resort has several buildings, fountains, a 22 acre lake, 3 pools and a Grand pool with a Pyramid slide.  You can also find restaurants, a health club, salon, babysitting and shopping all within the resort.

My first trip to Disneyworld and Coronado was with my parents and best friend.  My parents were very strict growing up, so I was surprised when they allowed us free range of the Disneyworld property for a couple of days.  The resorts have buses that come every couple of minutes and at Coronado there are bus stops in front of almost every building they have.  You hop on the bus and head for which ever Disney park your heart desires.  Even something a parent can feel comfortable for an older, responsible teenager to accomplish on their own. 

We spent 8 days at the resort and after every long busy day at the park we were happy to come back to the resort for a swim in the pyramid pool and dinner at the "Pepper Market" inside the resort.  I recall every night having dinner with my parents and we'd sit  and talk about all the great stuff we saw and did that day.  GREAT memories I still have!  Some people complain about pricing at the resorts, but it's a theme park and everyone knows when your inside a park prices go up (just because they can), so don't expect to find any cheap eats inside any of the resort hotels or Disney parks.  Save up your money and make this a good trip. You can also purchase a refillable mug for fountain drinks at Coronado during your stay, well worth the money!

Since my trip was awhile back, I looked into the Coronado Springs Resort today and they have since updated their rooms with the newest flat screens, plush bedding and updated decor.  Even nicer looking than I recall and during my first stay, and we had enjoyed the nice rooms as they were.  My FAVORITE part of the trip...turning on the TV each morning on the resort channel hearing "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, My, oh, my, what a wonderful day!"...everyday was truly a wonderful day for us at the Disneyworld Resort.  An unforgetable and memorable trip with my family.  I can't wait to take my children there someday!

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Allison said...

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