Monday, May 17, 2010

Credit Card Stolen...Lesson learned!

Unfortunately these days we will still have to deal with the fact that vacations might not always be full of joy, and credit cards, wallets and important items can get lost or stolen during our travels.  Even booking our trips online can lead to fraud with someone hacking into our personal information.  Thankfully there's also the other great part of the story! Credit card companies are very helpful and giving in these situations and for the most part will cover these fraudulent charges and go after the Theif and not your wallet for the stolen money. So everyone lives Happily Ever After, right? Wrong! 

Don't make the mistake (as I did) in thinking that since your credit card company is taking care of things on their end by cancelling your stolen card and sending you a new shiny one - that it's all over. 

Auto Pay - How convenient
Remember those nice and easy auto pays you agreed to do for your club membership, phone bill, and kids swimming lessons?  Well, they are still "auto-taking" your money, but guess what, it's not there! And did you read the fine print when you agreed to auto-pay? If you don't pay (for whatever reason) they charge you a fee or interest charge.  Not just to be mean, but because their bank charged them for your card not going through.  So, my $5 a month payment to hold my membership, became 5+5+20(fee) for those two months while I forgot to call them with a new credit card number!  Can someone say I was Piss...Furious!

So, lesson learned and now shared with all my lovely fans!  Don't forget to pull out your last credit card statement and call any vendors you have set up on a monthly auto-pay.  If you don't, you'll be hitting yourself in the head like I was and mad all over again at the person who stole your card in the first place! ShareThis

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