Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Best Souvenir to enjoy once a year!

Who loves souvenirs? Not me!  Well, at least not most of the them and I definitely don't care for getting them from people who have gone somewhere I've never been.  I can't display the knickknack you gave me because if I do, someone is going to ask "where did you get this interesting thing?" and I probably won't remember and I won't have the interesting story they are waiting to hear. So there it would sit, no story, no love and collecting dust!

My One and only Souvenir collection
One souvenir I do collect for myself though is Ornaments.  You know, "Ho Ho Ho, here comes Santa Claus", lets decorate the tree! 

My first ornament was from my honeymoon in Maui and I didn't really collect any for a while after that.  It was a few years later that I had picked up a couple more on a trip and just in the past couple of years have made it a tradition when I travel.  Since we take a lot of little trips here and there I mostly collect them on my longer more memorable trips we take.  Although I did pick one up last weekend in Ocean Shores just because we travel there often and it will hang on the tree in memory of all those great beach trips we take each year.

The best part about these souvenirs is that you won't find yourself spending a ton of money on something you may never use again.  I can typically find a nice ornament for $3-$10.  If you can't find an ornament, pick up one of those knickknacks your friends don't want, something that resembles the destination your visiting, and attach a string to it.  If an ornament doesn't have a year on it, just write the date on the back or bottom when you get home. 

The Ornament is a great souvenir that you don't have to keep out year-round or try to match with your house decor.  They can look like anything and in fact, having them unique is what makes it fun.  If you don't want to mis-match your beautiful tree decor you can set up a fun little mini tree some where else in the house, just with your travel ornaments.  Enjoy the time putting up your Christmas tree while reminiscing in past travels, telling stories and maybe even giving you the urge to plan your next adventure!

(PS - If you want to buy me a sweatshirt, I do like them, even if I haven't been to "I ♥ New York")


Leah said...

fun idea! I never thought to look for ornaments while on vacation... I'll have to keep my eyes open in Jamaica. Wonder if they'd have any in July??? LOL

Travelers Barista said...

Yes, you'd be surprised, I travel at all times of the year and there is always an ornament somewhere :o) Have a wonderful trip to Jamaica Leah!

Jen said...

Too funny! I just wrote about this over at Traveling Mom! This is one of our favorite souvenirs too and we are always on the lookout for them when we travel. Our first travel ornament was from our honeymoon too (New Orleans)!!

Travelers Barista said...

LOL Jen, I JUST posted my new souvenir related blog on Travelingmom too...hoping we dont' all write the same thing. Mine is based on my top 10 worst.

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