Monday, May 24, 2010

Beach Paradise Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

Location and a cheap meal is about the only thing this hotel has going for it.  My trip to Miami Beach was thankfully a brief one and I was not happy with either of my hotel choices during our stay before and after a cruise vacation (the other hotel mistake will come later this week).

Upon check-in at the Beach Paradise Hotel the man at the front desk took copies of the front and back of our credit card and licenses, he explained it was their policy.  Something neither my husband or I was comfortable with, but we were already booked there.  They apparently keep them on file if you ruin the room and run off during your stay.  Be sure to request upon check out for them to give those copies BACK to you - we did.

The Hotel is in serious need of updating and renovation.  Our room was about as basic as a Motel 6 and costs as much as a four star resort in downtown Seattle.  Not to mention our TV wasn't working and the noise from outside and inside was horribly loud.  Luckily our stay was only for one night and we spent most of our time out on the beach front and checked out early the next morning.

If your set on staying in Miami Beach don't be surprised to see mostly older hotels set in the "art deco" theme, basically meaning bare bones basic and cheaply renovated and at a HEFTY price.  I may have been able to find something a little nicer on the beach had I spent a lot more money, which was not worth it to me.  Our next trip to Miami we will definitely be a stay in the downtown area which appeared to have nicer hotels and would be just a quick ride to the beach.  

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Julie said...

I can NOT believe they took a copy of the card. I know some hotels will actually run the card for more than you owe and if all is ok, then they just bill what you need to make a copy of it. I don't think I would have been ok with that at ALL!

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