Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 Fun Things to do in Ocean Shores, WA

This small City boarding the ocean in Washington State is among one of the favorite beaches for many Northwest Families.  If you drive along Hwy 101 through Aberdeen you'll run into Ocean Shores.  You won't notice much there but take a better look and you'll find plenty of fun family activities for a long weekend at the shore!

The Beach
On the beaches of Washington State you won't see many swimmers or surfers unless they are in wet suites;  but bundle up and bring out the kids for some fun Kite flying, sand castle building, beach combing, and clam digging. You can drive onto the shore and find your own special spot to hang out.     

Horse Back Riding
In the late spring and summer seasons you can take a ride along the beach for $20 per hour per person.  What a great deal and a fun adventure!  We asked one vendor who's age limit was 6yrs old (although my daughter was still too small at 6yrs) and they didn't allow double riders, but later that day I saw another group taking a small child on a solo walk with the horse and trainer by it's side.  Check along the beach if your interested in children's rides, they all have different policies and services to offer.

 Pacific Paradise Family Fun Center
This fun activity is on a road located behind the McDonald's and the city Convention Center in the middle of town (Minard Ave NW).  Here you'll find miniature Golf, bumper boats and a small arcade for big and little kids alike.  Games inside range from $0.25-$0.50 and can keep kids entertained for a little while, depending on how fast they can burn through that $5 bill you give them.  My daughter and I rode the bumper boats for $6 to share and they were generous on our time in the water.  Golfing is fun for the whole family and they even have tiny little clubs for the toddlers. 

BJ's Family Fun Center
There is another family Center on the main road of Ocean Shores that has bumper cars inside and a go-kart race track on the outside.  It's been a few years since we've done the go-karts but they can get spendy if you have a large family and the kids want to double up and also beg to rid the bumper cars.  I personally can't stand the smell inside the bumper car area, but everyone has their "thing".

One of my favorite pass times in small towns.  Our entire family enjoys bowling and it's bound to take up a couple hours at the least.  Ocean Shores Bowl is located across from the Convention Center & McDonalds.

There are plenty of other activities in Ocean Shores if you search for them, but these are just my 5 favorite things to do when we head up for the weekend with the kids.  We try to head for the Ocean during nice weather but when it's raining and cold outside you can do many of these activities rain or shine!  Need a place to camp? See my blog on Ocean City State Park ShareThis

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