Saturday, May 1, 2010

I need a Vacation from my Vacation!

Ever mumbled these words to someone when you've come home from a vacation? "I need a Vacation from my Vacation!". I can't count how many times I've wanted to hop back onto a plane and jet back to where ever I came from, usually somewhere tropical or unique that I can't get at home. 

Most of this feeling for me comes from the overwhelming feeling of having so much to catch up on when you return home.  I mean, who wouldn't rather be lying on the beach or watching their kid ride Dumbo for the fifth time in a row, instead of doing the dishes? 

Here are some ways I've found to reduce that feeling of stress when you return home:
  •  Try to complete as many chores before you leave on your trip. Sink empty of dishes, laundry done, floors cleaned, beds get the idea!  This will help when you walk in the door full of luggage and see a clean house and know you don't have to rush into any chores right away.
  • Do your Laundry ON vacation!  I recently began cleaning my clothes on vacation and I can't tell you enough how much easier it has made life when I get home.  Rather than having an instant 3 or 4 loads of laundry to do, now all we do is unpack our clean clothes into our dressers.  Most hotels, condos and yes even cruise ships have laundry facilities you can use yourself and if you've got the cash you can have them do it for you.  For $2 per load (wash/dry) on a cruise ship, it's well worth it and all you do is toss a load in while you lounge by the pool. Laundry can't get any nicer than that!
  • As much as we all try to sometimes get away from the Internet while we're on vacation, you may want to take a moment to skim through your email.  If your a big email user (like me) you'll find yourself with hundreds when you return and clearing out all the junk is much easier if done by the day.  Now if you can't just skim and find yourself spending a lot of time online, your probably better off leaving it alone and enjoying your vacation.

  • Don't plan any big events or gatherings right after your return.  If you've been gone for a week or more, you may want to take just as much time off from parties or big dinners at your home when you return.  I once made the mistake of a big dinner just a few days after my return and it was a big hustle to go shopping and get everything ready in that time.
  • In line with big events, try not to have any big meetings or important deadlines as soon as you return to work.  Sometimes this is impossible to do, but  if you can put off that Monday morning meeting after you've come home Sunday night, please do.  It'll relieve a lot of stress and give you time to catch up and prepare yourself.
Follow these few tips and you may find yourself mumbling the words "Home sweet Home" when you return from your vacation!


texasholly said...

YES. I do feel worn out after a will keep you in mind next time!

Sarah, The Ohana Mama said...

AWESOME tips Crystal!!

I do laundry on vacay too so then I can just put clothes away - worked for the kids stuff this time around. My stuff is still int he suite case, lol.

And same with chores...coming home to a clean house is AWESOME!

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