Sunday, May 30, 2010

Penguin Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

If you've already read my review on the "Paradise Beach hotel" you'll know I was unhappy with both of my hotel choices on Miami Beach.  Unfortunately the Penguin Hotel didn't fair much better than the Paradise. Just a short walking distance from one another I found the Art Deco theme on Miami Beach to be more like "Cheap Deco and Uncomfortable Deco".  The simplicity of the room was overdone and tacky - I was so glad we were only staying for one night before our return home to Washington. 

The bed was hard, tables made of plastic and the man standing in the hallway for an hour having a conversation at 1am sounded like he was standing at my bedside.  Although you could of heard mice running down the hallway if they have them in Florida. 

The room smelled of bleach when we walked in, and it was so strong we had to crack open the window and go out for a walk before settling in.  Although don't get me wrong, I enjoy clean, which is probably one of the only compliments I have for this hotel, but they obviously used watered down bleach for cleaning the entire room. 

As for location, this hotel is directly across from the beach and you can't get any closer, but you pay the price!  It's also closer to the stores on the Beach than Paradise was.  I don't recommend these hotels if you're staying in Miami beach unless being on the beach is a must! Next time I will be staying farther from the beach in the city for comfort and amenities. ShareThis


Anonymous said...

I've been there too. The food is very expensive! It was a fun trip though. I stayed there before leaving on a cruise.

Travelers Barista said...

@Anonymous How about the rooms?
I did enjoy being right on the beach and we spend most of our time outdoors. We were also there before and after a cruise.
I believe the food, and the rooms were very expensive.
We even went to a Italian restaurant one night, thinking it was a typical place, spent $70 for two people to order a normal meal. Charged $7 for the water alone!

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