Friday, April 23, 2010

Zumanity Show - Las Vegas, Nevada

So your in Las Vegas, the City of sin, and you want to see a show.  There are many to choose from and in my case I'd love to go see a Comedian or Broadway show, but I'm with my husband who unsurprisingly wants to see something a little more exotic (we are in Vegas after all).  So with "Jersey Boys" off the table and a strip club definitely not our taste we found a great show called "Zumanity".  They consider it "The Sensual side of Cirque Du Soleil".  With amazing acrobatics, sexuality, comedy and nudity all rolled into one, this is bound to fulfill both you and your spouse.   And ladies, no worries, there is plenty of male flesh to make up for all the under dressed women you'll see in the show.  
Cirque Du Soleil has some wonderful shows in Vegas and all over the world and even with a little
risqué added to the mix they dont' leave out any great stunts. I watched in amazement thinking, "I wish I could do that, wearing THAT...and look that good while doing it!"

TIPS: Zumanity is located inside the NewYork NewYork hotel. Don't get there late, in fact get there EARLY, the pre-show is hilarious and a must see!  If your looking for front row tickets I will tell you that after having sat up close, a farther back seat is much better and better yet an upper level middle section would probably be even nicer (and cheaper).  The stage is small and personal, so no seat is really a bad seat unless you were front row far right or left.  When you get too close you can see some of their tricks to making it all happen and that makes it a little less exciting.

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Leah said...

I have some friends that saw this show a few years back and really liked it!

Dan and I went to see Blue Man Group nearing 10 years ago on our honeymoon and it was GREAT! We had a fabulous time, and were not expecting all the humor that was added into the show.

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