Monday, April 19, 2010

4 Great Reasons to visit Vegas - And Gambling isn't one of them!

If you would have asked me 4 years ago if I had been to Vegas and what it was like I would of told you that I had driven through once when I was 19 and had no desire to return to the City that is infamous for one long street full of hotels in the middle of no where!  I had heard stories from friends suitable to make a "Hangover" sequel and this was not my idea of any sort of vacation.  I'm not one for putting my money into a machine that doesn't give something in return and I'm definitely not in favor of getting myself into a drunken stooper and stumbling back to a hotel room at 4am.  What else in the world is there to do in Vegas?

Now, having made a few trips to Vegas I must take back that old statement and reprimand myself for judging the unknown.  A couple years ago my husband and I were in need of some sunshine and a break from the kids.  But where could we go for a 4 day weekend close enough that seemed out of the ordinary for some relaxation?  I did my usual online searching and came across Vegas.  My initial reaction was "no thanks", but after realizing we could use our miles for a quick flight and it was sunny and affordable I decided to give Vegas a try.

Where I stayed my first trip
I booked Treasure Island at a great rate that I honestly can't remember, but even still today they sometimes have $50 a night for this 4 Diamond hotel. Join their mailing group for these special rates. 
When we arrived I can remember thinking "this isn't what I remember".  I entered Treasure Island in awe of the sheer size of the Casino, restaurants and jumped for joy when I saw Starbucks in the hotel. It was like a cruise ship on land, everything in one place and this was just one of many hotels on the strip.  After we dropped our luggage I was excited to see the rest of Vegas. 

A Shoppers Delight
I must say I'm not a big shopper myself but in Vegas it's almost impossible to not google at the couture clothing and shops that occupy every hotel on the strip.  It can be a bit repetitive if you've done too much walking in one day but still interesting to say the least.  My husband and I even found ourselves drawn into a Peter Lik art gallery on our first trip and  made a purchase.  Not something I would have normally done at home but it's a wonderful picture and I have no buyers remorse.

Fine Dining
You won't find yourself in search of food in Vegas, it's everywhere you go.  From fine dining to the Hard Rock Cafe, they have everything!  We ate at a new restaurant every evening and I think did so without breaking the budget, although you can find yourself in search of that right price range if your not up for dropping $50 for two at dinner.  During our second stay at NYNY we found plenty of good priced restaurants and food stands right in the hotel. That was one of my favorite things about NYNY, when it was late and we didn't want go out, we didn't have to. 

From Broadway's "Jersey Boys" to Cirque du Soleil you'll find what I consider the most vast selection of Theatre, comedy, night clubs, concerts and magic in one place.  Whether your looking to have an evening to not share what happened in Vegas when you get home, or something a little less revealing, you'll find it in Vegas.  I have yet to see my share of shows, but the one show we have returned to see twice is "Zumanity".   If your planning to see a show, don't dropped your jaw when you have to easily drop $100 bill or more to get in the door.  Shop around before you head to Vegas so you know what your wanting to see and see if your hotel has any offers for shows.

Sunshine and Relaxation
This is my ultimate vacation deal breaker!  If there is sunshine, relaxation and a pool then it's most likely to make my top ten destinations list.  Vegas has some of the biggest and in my opinion nicest hotels in Northern America, so of course they are going to have great pools and spas to go along.  One thing to know about the pools in Vegas is that the they are most likely going to be used for drinking and not so much relaxing, but you'll find that if you lay out in the morning and afternoon sun, your less likely to come across the party crowd.  They are typically still asleep till the afternoon making up for their memory loss of the night before.

Vegas is now one of my favorite weekend vacations without the kids, when I've got the miles and time to go.  I'm not a seasoned Vegas traveler but it's nice to know it's a great destination for sunshine and plenty to see and do.

P.S - Call me crazy but I hated "The Hangover" movie ShareThis

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Gray said...

I could not agree more! I go to Vegas every year and I'm not much of a gambler. It's really the perfect travel destination, because there's so much to do, and it's a variety of activities. Anyone who gets bored in Vegas isn't trying very hard to find something to do.

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