Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Maui, ready for the beach! Where are your sand toys and beach chairs?

Ever traveled somewhere and wish you had something you know is sitting in your closet at home and it's going to cost you a ridiculous amount of money just to have it now? I realized on our recent trip to Maui with the kids that our days at the beach would be many and sand toys and beach chairs were going to be a must have. Yet paying $10-$15 for a very small bucket of toys at most stores was not my idea of being frugal, especially knowing that when I purchase the toys that I'd only be adding to the overload we already had at home and packing them would be a challenge if I dare try.

My first thought was to ask our Hotel if they had a stash of left behind beach items we could use, unfortunately they had none. We immediately went searching through a few stores and I had already glanced at some others the day before knowing this issue would come up. Finally, I hit the jackpot - $4.99 for a great bucket of toys at Walgreens on Wainee Street in Lahaina! They even had a dump truck set for my son that he absolutely loved! Other beach items were also at a great price and I stocked up while I was there. We picked up an ice chest, some snacks and headed out to the beach.

After finding the perfect beach spot (thanks to Ohanamama), having great sand toys and playing with the kids for a couple hours, my sand covered beach towel wasn't so appealing and I was wishing I had a nice chair to sit on. Once again sending me on a wild chase for chairs. Again my hotel didn't have any, but they did suggest they could rent them for us and have them brought to the room, which sounded nice, but I figured we could probably rent them ourselves for a little less cash. I found a colorful looking store on the corner of Honoapiilani Hwy 30 and Hinau Street (across from Pizza Hut) called "Da Beach House". I went in and was happy to find beach chairs for rent for only $12 a week. The clerk was very friendly and even opened up a pack of two brand new, reclining, tommy bahama chairs because he had rented all his others. Come to find out after a nice conversation that he was the Owner and had just opened his third store on Maui that I was standing in. The chairs were a life saver on the beach and made what was a fun time an even more relaxing and great time with the kids!

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