Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Want to "Sample" a cruise?

Who doesn't love walking through the store when it's sample time and getting just a little taste of a product to see if you like it or not?  My kids love Costco samples and I love that it keeps them entertained for the duration of each isle.  Ever wish you could do that with a vacation?

1-2-3 Day Cruises
Most cruise lines change their routes seasonally and in order to change routes they must move their ships to a new destination.  Kinda like flying South for the winter!  During these moves you can hop aboard for as short as a ONE night cruise and test out the waters!   My very first cruise was a sampler from Vancouver, B.C to Los Angeles for 3 days.  Just enough to get me hooked on cruising forever!  Now don't think that because the ships are being moved means that these are anything less than a real cruise.  You get the full royal treatment of fine dining, entertainment and everything that a typical 7 or 10 day cruise provides. 

The Cost
For a one day trip from Vancouver, B.C to Seattle cruises start as low as $69 per person with Princess Cruises.  Other cruise lines are probably offering a similar deal.  If you live near a Port of call it's easy to hop aboard these sample cruises and take a one-way flight back home. ShareThis


BabyCakes Creations said...

I need more info!! I want to do this!! :)

Crystal said...

Thanks for the post BabyCakes Creations! You can visit Princess.com and check out the 0-5 day cruises, there are only a few that come up. But the route changes happen in September (North to South) and again in May (South to North). If you need more assistance I'd be glad to give planning advice. crystal@travelersbarista.com

Anonymous said...

There are further cheaper cruise for one night between Seattle and Vancouver I found one as low as $29 per night. This is on Holland America you can check this out at www.worldwinger.com

Travelers Barista said...

Very cool, Thanks onlytravel! My post on this day was inspired by a Princess mailing and after having mentioned to so many people about the one night cruising and not a single person knew they existed. I'm going to check out those $29 cruises. I would love to try Holland America, I have yet to sail with them. Great tip!

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