Friday, April 16, 2010

Travel Accessory must have!

How often do you wash you hair? I used to every day or every other day, until my stylist told me it was unnecessary and actually not good for your hair. Especially if you use the typical store brand shampoos, like I was also doing. I'm a pretty frugal person so spending $30 a bottle on shampoo is not my style, so what I usually do is get a recommendation on a product, then go home to find the best price online! Not good for my Salon I love but better for my pocket.

So, what does this have to do with Traveling? Well, on my last visit to my stylist she showed me a new product that I was inevitably not spending money on ($22 bottle), but she showed me anyways. I walked in with my usual messy, greasy hair because why not! She's going to wash and style it nicer than I ever could at home. She picked up the Big Sexy (lovely name) Dry Shampoo and sprayed it into my roots. In just a moment the greasy hair was revived and I could have gone another day or two without washing and damaging it in the shower.

 I've never heard of "Dry Shampoo" but this is GREAT stuff, at least the Big Sexy brand that I use. I've heard some other brands have talcom powder which may leave a white powder in the hair.  The 15 seconds it takes to spray in saves you a ton of time on Shampooing, drying, straightening and anything else you do to get that look you like. It instantly soaks up the grease and gives your hair volume. I ran home, searched online and purchased 3 bottles. A week later on a 4 day trip I skipped packing all my shampoo and conditioner and hair straightener because I just needed this one little bottle to get me through the weekend. I also just realized that it's a perfect 3.4oz bottle that can get through airport security for carry ons, no problem, making it an even better travel accessory!! A little goes a long way, this bottle lasts a long time.
I highly recommend this product for Travel and even at home. I use this now all the time and I think my hair loves me for not washing it all the time and I love me for getting a ton more time in the morning not spent on my hair!

So now for the fun part, I subjected myself to a before, during and after pics so you can see how it works.  Unfortunately I don't think the pics do justice, but you can see some difference.

BEFORE (Greasy, flat day 3 hair)

Just 2 minutes later, full non-greasy hair


Julie said...

interesting, i'll have to talk to my sis in law about this (she owns her own salon, shes my stylist) sounds awesome! I know you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday but its hard for me not to when it gets greasy so fast!

Leah said...

seriously??? WOW! If I didn't know you, I'd swear you were pulling my leg!!!!

Ellen said...

Double wow, that stuff really worked on you! I know about it, but it's not gonna do my curly hair any good, I think I'd end up looking like George Washington or something. I get away with washing every other day and don't have to deal with greasies.

Crystal said...

Ellen, would you believe my hair is curly like yours? Or was...I had it "relaxed" a few weeks ago and love not having to manage the curl anymore. Although even curly my hair still got greasy after a couple days. The stylist says if you can go 4 days thats better for your hair. :o) THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS EVERYONE!!

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