Monday, April 26, 2010

Our First Family Camping Trip - Grayland Beach State Park, WA

We finally took our first family camping trip and we chose to stay somewhat close to home and head for the Ocean.  Rather than our typical stay in Ocean Shores we decided to check out Grayland and Westport, Washington. 

True Camping...DVD's and all
When we arrived it was pouring rain outside, normal spring weather on the shores of Washington, but not what we had hoped for.  We set-up camp as best we could and stayed inside the trailer.  We did what I assume the people in the tarp covered tent next door were doing - we popped in a DVD and watched one of our favorite Disney movies "Open Season"!  I was worried at first that our 6 and 2yr old would quickly tire of being in such a small space, but with a few toys and a movie they did well.  Soon it was time for bed and my daughter happily climbed into her bunk and my son went to bed just as well.  A huge sigh of relief, as we have had some difficult times in the past with getting him to sleep anywhere besides his crib at home.

A little bit of Westport
Saturday we had just the same luck with lots of rain and unfortunately our camping space (#23) was very muddy and we decided to take a ride into Westport (10min from Grayland).  A small town mostly known for charter fishing and little festivals.  There isn't much to do, but we found a bowling alley and played a couple rounds with the kids.  The downtown area of Westport was all torn up.  They appear to be in the midst of revitalizing the City in hopes to bring in more tourism.  In such a small town I have never seen so many For Sale signs all in one place!  It seemed just about every property and business was for sale, if it wasn't already falling down or boarded up.

Grayland State Park
As the morning came on Sunday the rain had finally gone and it gave us a chance to actually walk around the campground and enjoy where we were staying.  Earlier that weekend we had driven onto the beach a couple times, which was just a short drive to the entrance road of the State Park, not realizing there were camping spaces in the Park that were just next to the beach.  The campground was nice and clean, most spaces were semi-private. Had it been a sunny weekend it was a great location next to the beach.  The City of Grayland however is not a reason for booking your stay at the State Park.  If your in search of a cold sandy beach, clamming, fishing, crabbing, kite flying or bird watching, it's a nice place to visit.  The shore was sadly lined with some litter, but nothing too bad.  The highlight was seeing an Eagle just a few yards from where we stood on the beach.  My husband thought it was fake until I tried to get closer for a good picture and he flew away.   The kids had a great time and they seem to enjoy any beach, whether it's a cold Washington beach or sunshine in Maui. Hmm...think I'd rather be relaxing in the tropics!

Here are some tips and information about Grayland Beach State Park
  • There is NO cell phone or internet service in the park.  I have not a clue why but if you just go onto the beach shore you'll get service or drive towards Westport
  • Need your morning espresso? Take a quick drive over to "Captain Jacks Espresso" stand on S. Montesano Street in Westport. I got a mocha and it was good. Your nearest Starbucks is a 40min drive away
  • The Best Looking spaces we found at Grayland Beach State Park
    • 67 Near ocean - semi private
    • 73 Near ocean - semi private
    • 84 Nice big pull thru site near ocean
    • 89-90 Near ocean - semi private
    • 98 Little extra privacy and near the ocean
    • 108 - Semi private space very close to beach trail
    • If your looking for more privacy Zone 1-60 has lots of trees but it's not near the beach

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Mike Coverdale said...

I'm glad you chose our area to check out the coast. Most people think Ocean Shores is "the beach" in washington but the beaches in Westport and Grayland are fantastic too! The grayland state park is a nice option. Check out Goole Earth to see an updated view of our shoreline...way cool!

The road project at the marina you saw isn't being done specifically to attract tourism.. but to improve an old road and make the area more pedestrian friendly. The new road will be one lane, one way with a bike lane, new crosswalks and better road crossings. Due to the weather you probably didn't get a chance to experience the oceanfront hiking and biking path which starts at the north end of the marina and winds past halfmoon bay to the ocean and ends at the historic lighthouse. It is 2.5 miles long with benches and viewing platforms along the way. (great for kids and biking)

Did you see the Maritime Museum while at the marina? It's a lot of fun and very interesting with whale skeletons and the Fresnel Lens from the Destruction Island Lighthouse on display.

Besides fishing... surfing is big here too. You can see more about the area and lots of pictures at our website As for the high volume of property for sale... we are a community that many people own 2nd homes in. In the unfortunate financial times many people are having to sacrifice their beach property to stay afloat back home. That makes it a great time to be buying if you are in a position to do so. (invest in a camping lot?) if so check out my real estate site

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