Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outrigger Aina Nalu Condos - Maui, Hawaii

Our recent stay at the Outrigger Aina Nalu in Lahaina, Maui was not what I had envisioned at first glance.  The seemingly oversized 2 bedroom, full kitchen, Garden view room was a little different then what was shown using those WIDE angle photos they impress you with online. 

Yes, the rooms were updated and somewhat spacious, but the fully equipped kitchen lacked cooking utensils and came with one small pot and tiny pan that we could barely cook pancakes in without sticking.  Thus making our plans of saving money to eat-in were gone and we spent WAY more to eat out than I had planned.  The "Garden view" was a garden of cars in the parking lot, hardly anything I'd consider a view.  After walking on the carpet and stone floors for just a few minutes my children's feet were black and I had to wash them before putting on any socks or shoes, this sort of grossed me out, I refused to walk on the floors barefooted.  My son also took a liking to the front door that would unlock with a pull of the handle.  I chased him down the outdoors hall several times during our stay and I'm oh so certain our neighbors appreciated him opening and slamming the door shut on several occasions.  Definately not a toddler safe door. (read my important safety tip on this)

Our stay was 8 days/7nights long and I will say that after about the third day I became comfortable with our accommodations and enjoyed the space we had with 2 bedrooms (3 adults, 2 kids).  The beds themselves were very comfortable and walking to town was just a step out the front door.  My favorite part of the stay was that despite the dirty floors, the maids were nice enough to do our dirty dishes each day and that made for some extra time for me out by the pool!  Speaking of pools, they do have two nice pool areas that are private and surrounded by that "Garden View" they had promised in the room description. 

Overall, at an average price of $175 a night (plus $15 a day to park the car) it was spacious and served it purpose for the 8 days we stayed in Maui.  I may stay again for a good rate but would definately look into other options for a 2 bedroom condo.  Although in Lahaina you won't find many accomodations and your definately limited if you want to stay right in town.  This Condo is all about Location and space!  If they provided a better "full kitchen" and the floors were cleaner I'd definately give it 4 out of 5 Lattes!   

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Sarah Burns said...

So bummed it wasn't a better experience for you. My parents and brother and his family had better luck. The cool thing is that many are privately owned and may be better equipped and floors cleaner (hopefully!)

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