Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where to buy those impossible to find Camper sized bed sheets

Unless you are a sewing extraordinaire (unlike me), you will find that shopping for bedsheets and linens for an RV or Camping Trailer seems impossible.  We purchased our trailer earlier this year and the first thing I was excited to do was decorate and add all those little personal touches - not that there is much to add, but it needed to feel like a home away from home. 

I went to Target and loaded up on some essential kitchen and camping items.  Our kid's bunk beds were made of a firm thin mattress so I purchased a cheap foam mattress pad and cut them to size for the bunks, worked great!

I realized we needed bed sheets immediately if we were planning to take our first camping trip soon.  After going from Sporting stores to the "world's foremost outfitter" and biggest store I've ever been in, Cabelas, I was unable to find sheet sets to fit our beds.  A couple of the stores had some very cheap feeling, 200 count sheets for the Queen at an outrageous price.  We needed sets for the short queen bed and the four rear bunks for the kids and their future camping buddies. 

I even called up Grandma to see if she could make something but she is one extremely busy Red Hat Society president and wouldn't be able to get to them anytime soon.  But I do still have her on backorder for comforters for the bunks, hopefully coming soon!

I spent a few days shopping online and after viewing the only handful of stores I could find that were extremely overpriced, I came across AB Lifestyles websiteA family owned company that makes quality 300 thread count RV camper style sheets at a decent price!  I did debate for a couple days and sent in some questions on the sizing for my thin bunks and they quickly responded.  I ordered the combo pack which was perfect for us; One short Queen set and two bunk sheet sets. 

They arrived in the mail about a week later and the color and quality was amazing.  Super soft sheets with extra elastic on the top sheet to keep them from shifting and having to make your bed in tight quarters every day.  I was pleased with my order and I am hoping this post may help someone else make an easy choice at Camper bed sheet shopping, rather than spending a week trying to find them and decide if it's a good deal or not. 

AB Lifestyles also provides Camper sized comforter sets, Airstream Trailer sets, mattress pads and mattress covers for allergies.  They also have many other bedding products for specialized needs and custom sizing.

*I did not receive any products or materials from AB Lifestyles. All opinions on this article are my own personal experience from purchasing a product from them.


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Anonymous said...

wow, you'd think if campers were going to make odd sized beds that a person would have an easier time finding bedding to fit them!! SHEESH! Glad you found something you liked in the end!


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