Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hyatt Regency - Bellevue, WA

This past weekend I enjoyed retreat with my mom for the first time.  I had won two nights for any Hyatt Hotel on the Traveling Mamas website a couple months ago. Having already stayed at a few wonderful Hyatt Hotels I knew that any destination I chose would be great. 

Promotional Stays and Gold Passport Points
I called Hyatt to plan my weekend in Seattle only to realize that using promotional nights with your Hyatt Gold Card is different than booking a room at a regular rate.  Each hotel has an alloted amount of rooms they can provide while using Gold Points or any promotional free nights.  All the Hyatt hotels in Seattle were unavailable for an entire month with my free nights, so I decided to look into Bellevue. Finally - a weekend we were able to book a room came up.

Hyatt Regency Bellevue
A beautiful, luxury hotel located in Bellevue Place, attached to the popular shopping destination of Bellevue Square.  The rooms were very clean, comfortable and filled with modern decor.  Shopping is just a step away with the sky bridge access to the Square.

Where are all the Ammenities?
You Pay more, you get more, right?
At a typical rate of $160-$250 for a standard room, the extra ammenities were few.  Normally my search for the complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi and free parking would of been priority, but while booking a free stay I failed to look into these necessities.  

There was no free Wi-fi and no complimentary breakfast to be found.  In fact, finding a moderate priced breakfast was a difficult task.  With many gourmet restaurants in the Bellevue Square, most were open for lunch and dinner only.  We did however find the "needs LID" cafe on the second floor that had a decent menu, but on our second morning (Sunday) they were closed.  The formal dining in the hotel does have a nice breakfast menu, but at $12-$15 a plate to start, we decided to pass.  If you have a sweet tooth, you can also find pastries at the first floor Tully's Coffee shop and if you get there early enough, there are a few breakfast sandwiches. 

Fortunately dinner was an easy task and a hard decision out of all the wonderful restaurants available.  From P.F. Changs, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Boom Noodle, The Cheesecake Factory, Ristorante Luciano and so many more.  As much as I wanted to try something new I went with my old time favorite, P.F. Changs and it was delicious. 

I was hoping to relax in a hot tub after our long days of walking the Bellevue Square, but the Hyatt failed to have one of those either.  A nice gym and lap pool was provided for fitness purposes, but the relaxing was left to our plush beds in the room.

Parking was free for the weekend and we were lucky to skip that extra cost during our stay.  If you plan a weekday stay (Sunday-Thursday night), you won't have this luxury and it will cost you $16 per day .

Hyatt knows Technology
One thing I love about Hyatt, besides that they always provide clean, beautiful hotels is that they are keeping up with technology.  Our hotel had in-room guest services on the TV and we were able to view any hotel charges and check-out of our room without speaking to any one. 

New Online check-in and check-out are also available for a more speedy process if needed.  I stuck with the old fashioned desk check-in, but on a business trip it's probably nice to have that option.  

My next stay with Hyatt is in Vancouver, B.C. and I've already used the online concierege they provide to request a crib and roll away bed for my children.  You can also used this service to book dining, spa services and any other service each hotel provides.   

Hyatt Regency Bellevue is a beautiful hotel and for those looking for luxury, style and have a little money to spend, bring it here!

Upated Tip from @TripStyler via Twitter:
Tully's in the lobby has free wifi

This would have been good to know while I was there since I got my coffee there each morning. Although it's still not as convienent as laying in bed to catch up online at night


KAM (Cruise_Slinger) said...

We stayed here several times while my husband was interviewing at a company in the building. They have the Regency Club, which offers the free breakfast and snacks in the club and free wi-fi in the lounge and in your room. With promotional nights, they really should have given this to as a courtesy, especially after the limits placed on you while booking. I always feel that the mark of a great hotel is one that treats everyone the same no matter who they are and how they are paying and always willing to go the extra mile to make up for an inconvenience.

Travelers Barista said...

I did see a "Regency Club" which reminded me of those lounges airlines have at the airport that you pay extra for. I'm not one of those travelers who prefers to pay the extra dollar for a club membership. But it's nice to know they have that.
This Hyatt seemed very business oriented, with lots of conference spaces, which surprised me that they didn't provide the wi-fi for that reason. But maybe most of them have that Club membership for their wi-fi and breakfast.

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