Sunday, August 22, 2010

Riverside State Park - Pitcher and Bowl - Spokane and Nine Mile Falls, WA

Our time at Riverside State Park wasn't nearly long enough.  We arrived Friday evening after a long haul over from Western Washington and spent the weekend exploring Spokane and Idaho.  Rarely have we visited a State park and wanted to spend more time IN the park rather than out and about. 
The camping spots along the river are not exactly private, but being there are only several in a row on a dead end road, you have little to no traffic and no one camping in front of or behind you.  We were in space #3, which was a nice location and just a short ways from the great Riverfront walking trails.
On a morning walk my daughter and I saw huge bird nests in the trees as well as several bird species in the river.  The mornings were just right with the sun shining and a cool breeze of fresh air.  The summer evenings were warm and we stayed out to play until late at night. 
Be sure to take a walk over to the swinging bridge or stop in the parking lot near the entrance of the park to go the quicker route.  We went with the kids one morning and they didn't want to leave the bridge.  It was fun listening to the river rush by and toss pebbles into the water below. 
As with any camping near water, the bugs were plenty at night.  Be sure to keep your camper or tent doors shut at all times.  Otherwise you'll find yourself sleeping with the moths and creepy crawlers we found in our trailer.  Unfortunately, teaching two young kids to keep the doors closed is a task all in itself!
My family and I loved this campsite and are already discussing our next trip over to spend more time at Riverside State Park. 

IMPORTANT TIP for trailer campers: We had our own directions but decided to follow the FREEWAY suggestion of taking the next exit.  We were lost after just minutes of not finding another sign to follow.  Print your directions and stick with them.  The actual campground name is called "Pitcher and Bowl" which I hadn't seen anywhere on the state reservations form.

Then we were a little confused when we arrived to the Park entrance road and the sign only had a picture of tents with an arrow.  Typically there is a pic of a camper, but yes, this is the camper/trailer park area.  Don't turn RIGHT off of Riffle Road, this will only take you to the day park area and there is no where to turn around with your trailer.  Follow the tent arrow to the LEFT.



ilikewinter said...

Crystal, great pics and I LOVE campsite recommendations! If you're ever in the Tetons/Yellowstone, let me know; I've got one for you, but it's a secret!

Come see us out here soon!

P.S. The pic of your daughter is ADORABLE!

Kristie (Cruise_Slinger) said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I love camping, but haven't explored enough of Washington State Parks yet. Thanks for adding a new destination to my list!

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