Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What toy kept my kids most entertained on our Road Trip?

A couple days before our road trip across the State of Washington, I stopped in at Target for some kid entertainment.  They have a dollar spot at the front of the store where I grabbed a few items in hopes to gain a couple hours of cheap distraction on the road.  I purchased the following items for $1.

1. Math book for my daughter
2. Learning numbers book for my son
3. Flarp! - Farting putty
4. Sidewalk Chalk
5. Cotton Candy, for that moment of desparation

In addition to these items I let the kids bring a few of their own toys from home. My daughter brought her Barbies and she packed a couple tractors for her little brother and some Crayola Color Wonder Color books and markers so the kids could color without me worrying about the mess my two year old might be making.

Out of the list above, which item do you think was a hit? I'll make it easy and tell you that offering the cotton candy didn't phase them and I think neither of them took more than two bites.  They were too busy farting up a storm in the back seat!

I had purchased Santa brought my daughter Flarp last Christmas and she loved it.  It only lasts a few days before it gets too dry to make anymore fart sounds.  I know, this sounds disgusting, but you have to admit, who doesn't giggle over farts?  My kids love this stuff and it's cheap entertainment.  My son was old enough this time to play with it himself, so I got them each their own Flarp can. 

The rest of the trip was mostly spent playing with their favorite toys from home and we didn't even take the time to use the chalk on our rest stops.  We were more interested in eating, stretching our legs and getting back on the road as quickly as possible.  The planned 6hr drive turned into 8 hours, but it was a great trip overall.  There were definitely trying moments of frustration for both the kids and us parents, but we made it through and want to do the trip again sometime. 

Want to see some cute kids making some not so cute Fart noises? Here is a candid kid review of Flarp! My daughter was making googly eyes for some reason, but I swear I didn't tell them I was posting this or ask them to say anything about it. Just them having fun in the back seat.  Wait for the end to really hear the Flarp working.


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Jen said...

That video is hilarious! I love your little guy laughing beside her the whole time. There is nothing better than that giggle especially when it comes from the backseat on a long road trip!

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