Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Waterpark in Idaho

On a recent trip to Eastern Washington my family and I were invited to visit Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water park near Coeur d'Alene Idaho.  We packed  up from Spokane, Washington where we were camping and took the 45min drive over to Idaho Sunday morning.

With the park opening at 11am that morning, we packed our own lunch and were pleasantly surprised to see a nice area next to the parking lot at Silverwood where we were able to use a picnic table under a shaded tree.  
My daughter wanted to visit Boulder Beach first and she screamed with excitement when she saw the huge Polliwog play area for kids.  My sites were set on the Lazy River just across the way and after some playtime on the slides, waterfalls and shallow pool we took the entire family into the lazy river, including my two year old son who had a blast.  The park provides life vests so it was great to know they were safe in the water with plenty of lifeguards at every turn you take.

After hours of playing in the water on different rides, slides and pools, we realized we had to head over to the other side of Silverwood theme park to ride the roller coasters and kids rides.

Before we went over, we grabbed a snack at Boulder Beach and I was surprised by the prices and quantity of food they provided.  Unlike other big name parks they don't charge ridiculous prices for their food and a single scoop of ice cream was more like four scoops.  We opted for the Sliders miniature hamburgers which was enough to feed our family of four for a quick snack.  In one meal we each got a burger and a handful of fries.  If your looking for a bigger selection on food, head over towards the Silverwood park entrance where I found Salads, sandwiches, chicken and plenty of healthier options at a great price as well.

Warning: Gushy motherly moment is about to take place. 

My favorite part about the Silverwood theme park was finally getting to see my two year old son ride the rides and enjoy them with his sister, it truly brought tears to my eyes.  The height limits in this park are very forgiving and are mostly set at "maximum height" limits in the kids Garfield Camp area.  He was able to ride the helicopters and planes over and over again with a big smile!  The lines were short and quick and both my children had a blast. 

With a six year old who is not yet a fan of roller coasters or big rides and a two year old, we spent alot of time in Garfield's Camp.  But we walked the entire park and the adults were able to enjoy a few of the larger rides such as the Panic Plunge and Timber Terror wooden coaster.  There are also a few smaller kid rides mixed in with the roller coasters so don't just stay in the kids area for smaller rides.
Ok, he really WAS smiling, but he's a pretty serious kid  
Overall we ended up staying at the park from open to close and still didn't get to do everything they had to offer.  Our children left tired, but extremely happy and had a great day!  I left happy knowing that the great Northwest does have a theme park to brag about.  I can't wait to plan a trip to Idaho again to get back to Silverwood. 

Plan your Silverwood Trip
Silverwood has two great parks to visit, each of which could entertain your family for the entire day.  Silverwood has it's very own Campground right across the street next to the parking lot.  Why not plan a weekend camping trip with theme parks? Plus, you get discount tickets to the park during your stay.

Looking for discount tickets? Before talking with Silverwood I had priced out the best tickets for the park and found that Costco was providing the best overall entrance price.  You can also visit Silverwood's website for e-ticket pricing and list of current offers. 

*Silverwood gave my family complimentary entry to the park. However, this does not affect my personal opinions in this article. ShareThis

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